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mobius fork


the mobius fork was designed as part of a two-week project to explore the idea of the edge. the edge exists as the transition or border between two conditions, dark/light, open/closed, connected/loose. while edge at once suggests discontinuity or the end of one thing so too does it herald the start of another. this apparent paradox is perhaps most easily observed in the mobius strip. a single edge is capable of both defining a surface and representing the boundary to nothingness. conceptually this project attempts to make a similar sense of continuity in the definition of form and space while the twisting motif, the lynchpin of the mobius strip, acts as a transition from one state to another along the object. specifically the fork is the border of a solid shape which twists at corners to transition from horizontal to vertical. in addition, there is a 180 degree flip along the bottom rail of the surface which creates the mobius strip where inside and outside constantly flip on themselves.