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This is a single page web application that allows a user to plan out a road trip and then find stops along the way. In my career as an auctioneer I often found myself traveling on trips to pick up items and would have trouble at the end of day finding a place to spend the night, get dinner or find gas. This app allows the user to find potential stops near their route at any waypoint they have set, near their current location, or at any location they want to search for. They can also specify an offset from their location in miles or drive time. The site uses the mapbox api to do geocoding, routing for directions, and for the actual map. It also uses the Yelp API to search for hotels and restaurants and the MyGasFeed API for gas stations. I used the Parse Open Source server on a Heroku instance to persist data and a node / express proxy server for AJAX calls. The site is hosted from an AWS S3 bucket. The page is built using React.js with SCSS for page styling.