I am a longtime collector who is currently working as a full-time dealer. I am active in many areas of antiques and collectibles and I always seem to be expanding wider rather than focusing down on a single thing. At any rate, I love learning about new types of items and the histories of the many items I’m already collecting in. I offer free appraisals and I buy single items as well as collections.

Here are a few areas that I actively collect and pursue. These are just the easiest things to categorize, I also have interested in many more types of items!

Breweriana – Breweriana includes all types of beer or brewing collectibles and antiques. My real focus is in Beer Trays, especially Pre-Pro trays in good condition. I’m also knowledgable in collectible Beer Cans, Etched Glasses, Displays, Signs, and other types of Breweriana collectibles.

Petroliana – Petroliana includes antiques and collectibles related to Oil & Gasoline companies, I usually include Automotive advertising as well. The most popular items in this category are old Porcelain Advertising signs from Service Stations and Dealerships, but even things like old Oil Cans and Display racks can be valuable as well. The market for Petroliana items is really strong right now.

Country Store & Tobacciana – Country Store and Tobacciana items are the types of antiques and collectibles you would find in an Old Store such as lithographed tins for everything from tobacco to talc powder. To a certain extent Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other early Soda brands fit into this category, but I usually consider them as their own beast.

Soda Fountain – Soda Fountain items generally include things that would be found in a typical Soda Fountain whether they are apothecary jars, syrup dispensers, glasses, and advertising items for those soda brands.

Barbershop – Barbershop items are very popular and the most in demand items include authentic Barber’s chairs, Barber’s Poles, Shaving Mugs, Razors, Bottles, and more.

General Advertising Antiques – Most of these categories fit within the overall category of Advertising Antiques. These items include Signs, Displays, Posters, Pocket Mirrors, Calendars, Clocks, and many many other types of items for thousands of different brands. While almost everything in Antique Advertising is collectible, there’s no way you can collect it all. Most folks choose to concentrate on one particular brand, type of item, time period, or other criteria to narrow down their collecting interest.

If you have these types of items and would like help determining the value, age, or other information then please contact me through the telephone number or email listed at the top of the page.